The Night Mechanics, is a tale where water is no longer free. This is the future.

The world has lost control of fresh water. A fluke of nature puts reluctant Hine on a collision course with the corporate monster that is ’The Water Company’.

Inspired by the world today – the fight for clean water and tino rangatiratanga. This award winning play weaves physicality and text.

Featuring Amanda Noblett, Sarita So, Raai Badeeu + Taungaroa Emile.

The Night Mechanics is the vital play written + directed by Mīria George + featuring sound by Karnan Saba + set design by Tony De Goldi + costume design by Sopheak Seng + produced by Tawata Productions.

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Image by Mīria George featuring Dawn Cheong and Natano Keni.

The Night Mechanics | Imagefeaturing Dawn Cheong and Natano Keni