Season One

Ngā Whakaaro Huritāo Season One is scribed by directors, actors, production managers, designers, festival directors – artists who we’ve created live performance with over the last 17 years of our company’s history. We are friends, we are whānau. These reflections document our creative adventures and some remarkable moments that we have had together.

Season One is written by Jarod RawiriMoana EteJennifer LalAhi KarunaharanKarena LethamErina DanielsTaungaroa EmileBraedyn TogiSopheak Seng & Natala Gwiazdzinski.

Image Credit Aneta Pond of Pūtahi Festival Opening


How Hori and Big John Met / JAROD RAWIRI

Rugby has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Long before I decided to be a thespian.

The Beautiful Ones / BRAEDYN TOGI

I was introduced to Hone through Manny Solomon a friend who I was dancing with at the time. My good friend Sandip Singh and I went along to Circa Theatre to audition for The Beautiful Ones on an okay day for Wellington.

Oho Ake 2004 / JENNIFER LAL

Reflections of the way life used to be I guess.  Sitting in my mother’s garage room and drinking one of my uncle’s beers from a visit from Australia in the middle of last year.

Reflections With Him / TAUNGAROA EMILE

The moment I want to share was not how extremely proud I was to be cast as Cook Islands Māori in the play Sunset Road, or that I would get to speak the reo on stage.


Coming from a fashion background, as a stylist for editorial and commercial work, costume design was not something that I had done. The trust and belief Tawata had in me, gave me a quiet confidence to know that I couldn’t fail.

Ngā Whakaaro Huritāo ō Henare / KARENA LETHAM

The sun rises over the urupā in Tikitiki – East Coast, North Island. The grass is covered in dew, the air is cold and Rāhui Marae is slowly being revealed by the sun as a small group gather outside to kick start the day.

Pūtahi Festival From The Perspective of a New Festival Director / MOANA ETE

This is what I remember of it: The hours at my desk using free design tools online. The tea cozy over a silver teapot at Tawata’s office, te hau kāinga. The hiking up Devon Street with my jumper over my shoulder. 


The creation of  a bright and shining reminder of passion, wit, vigour, deep love for each other and whānau.  


I got noticed by Tawata Productions as a lighting designer during a show written by Sopa Enari called Who’s Poppin? where I played with using minimal light sources.

Breaking Ground / AHI KARUNAHARAN

My family left Sri Lanka and moved to Aotearoa in 1990. We lived in Newlands, the progressive suburb. Nothing much had really progressed in the years that I lived there except for the sign that welcomed us.