Māori and Pasifika writers’ collective, Maranga Mai, returns to our Indigenous playwriting festival, Breaking Ground, in 2020.

Featuring women from throughout Wellington, Maranga Mai presents new work from new writers refining their craft. In 2017, Maranga Mai was created to support mothers, community leaders, tertiary students and full time workers, who at nights and on weekends, are also committed writers.

This year the collective features Sandra Tisam, Tina McNicholas, Natalia Fareti, Sherilee Kahui, Te Aorewa Rolleston, Teherenui Koteka and Stevie Greeks.

In 2020, dramaturgy of Maranga Mai has been led by award-winning playwright, director and actor, Ahi Karunaharan.

Maranga Mai was created to develop more wāhine Māori & va’ine Pasifika heritage.

The writers’ collective has partnered with a small handful of great dramaturgs including Rachael Maza, Whiti Hereaka, Eva Mullaley, Mīria George.

And in 2020, Ahi Karunaharan.

The image above features Maranga Mai audience at Te Haukāinga in Te Whanganui-a-tara, June 2019. All images by filmmaker, producer & photographer Julie Zhu.

In 2020, the writers of Maranga Mai have been working together over the last three months.

Previously, we’ve written together over a focused three week workshop.

For Breaking Ground, we have created a 7 part series.

#MarangaMai #BG2020

Final script due June 21 2020

After four months of work, the seven writers of Maranga Mai will hand in their final scripts for their narrative series – kia kaha wāhine mā!

Image by Julie Zhu for Breaking Ground 2019.