Elise Lanigan is a cinematographer based in Te Whanganui-a-Tara, of Pākeha and Irish descent. Working primarily in documentary and performing arts spaces, Elise is drawn to projects exploring themes of decolonisation, environmental sustainability, gender and sexual diversity. Working with with a broad range of performers and artists, Elise regularly photographs gigs for Eyegum Music Collective, and creates promotional video for Footnote NZ Dance Company. 

Since 2018, Elise has been assisting on independent film productions including Land of the Long White Cloud (2019, dir. Kathleen Winter), Water Baby (2019, dir. Kathy Mcrae) and He Kākano Ahau (2021, dir. Kahu Kutia). These experiences enabled Elise to move into DoP roles for Big Hair Don’t Care (dir. Mīria George) and Kia Mau Festival’s Moana Nui: Ahi Kā series (2021, dir. Kahu Kutia).

Elise first met Hone and Mīria of Tawata Productions as DoP on the set of Big Hair Don’t Care, a collaborative kōrero amongst women of colour in film and theatre spacesFire in the Water, Fire in the Sky (2021) was a perfect marriage of her interests, offering a humbling opportunity to work with established Aotearoa creatives in her first serious role as a DoP in short film. She could not have asked for a more welcoming and supportive whānau to learn from and grow with. 

Mā mua ka kite a muri, mā muri ka ora a mua. Those who lead give sight to those who follow, those who follow give life to those who lead. 



Evotia-Rose Araiti is a proud fruit salad with tupuna roots in Rarotonga, Enua Manu (Kuki ‘Ārani) Alamangoto, Sapapali’i, Falelatai, Fagaloa (Samoa), Wellington (Aotearoa), India and China. 

Growing up between Wellington and Rarotonga, it was in her island takainga vaevae that her connection and everlasting love of ura (Kuki ‘Ārani dance) began. She is a proud Inano Dance student (run by her cousin Te Hau Winitana) and member of the first Wellington group to go to Te Maeva Nui NZ, Oire Poneke. 

Evotia-Rose grew up with her cousin, poet and creative, Audrey Brown-Pereira, who opened her eyes to the world of art through poetry, and this arts exposure continued through the generosity of her cousins, Robert George and Mīria George. Through Rob she had the opportunity to be involved in projects Embrace of Night (Go to Sleep); Evotia-Rose: A film by The Raro Dog; A Memoir for Falling Light; Tau Tupua: The Spirits; Myths & Legends In My Veins. With the encouragement of Mīria she tried acting and had the privilege of being involved in the portmanteau feature film VAI and has had minor speaking roles in the TV mini-series The Sounds and One Lane Bridge

Tupuna roots, family and upbringing fostered a love for her culture, people and learning; all of which influence what she does today. Evotia-Rose holds a Bachelor of Commerce with majors in Human Resources and Industrial Relations, and Psychology from Victoria University of Wellington and is a self-assigned “wearer of many hats”. A public servant by day, actress/ ura dancer/ eternal learner/ wannabe surfer, outside of this.